MMORPG: Column: Release 22: Marking Time

By Red Thomas

I kind of expected this release to be mostly polish and correcting issues after a major skill system overhaul last month, and there's certainly plenty of that being done. As you probably realize by now, the folks at Portalarium don't stop with good enough, though. This release for Shroud of the Avatar also includes a lot of cool new stuff, too.


Observer: Richard Garriott’s ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ Puts Storylines in a Sandbox Videogame

By Brady Dale

The giant online role-playing game will put players through personal narratives with a wide array of potential outcomes.


Ten Ton Hammer: Feel the Burn – The Many Ways Shroud of the Avatar Conserves Cash

By David Piner

At Dragon Con 2015 we were able to have a quick chat with Richard Garriott about SotA's burn rate and the methods that he uses to conserve not only his own money, but those who back the game to see it come to fruition.


Ten Ton Hammer: Shroud of the Avatar: MMO Community Updates Done Right

By Reuben Waters

Sardu emerges from his secret underground laboratory for the latest chilling issue of Lifetap to discuss the value of transparency and communication in MMO development ala Shroud of the Avatar.